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time : Thursday, February 14, 2013

title : Takoyaki Black Pao
Did something for the birthday but I suspect that someone had sneak in and deleted this info from my hard drive of a brain and left something rotting there instead.

However, due to some technical error and after repair with a damn load of maintenance, it was recovered.

Someone up there still love me.

Black Pao - Takoyaki Version

Logging out

time : Monday, September 10, 2012

title : The Art of Osamu Tezuka
It has been a very long time.

Time to dust the shelves.

Personal post. Got myself a book at Popular at $15.90.

Woots! I can't belive my luck.

It's chockfull of information and it's really a delight to read. Makes me crave for all of his works...

However, it's rather difficult to get it...

If you come across it in a store, do get it!

Pumkin, out.

time : Thursday, August 25, 2011

title : The 2nd time
This time, to celebrate my brother completing his first 2 months in NS, our family plus a few odd others went onto a trip over to the only theme park in Singapore.

Wow. 2 trips in such a short period of time. I'm not complaining. I spotted some stuff I missed on my first time over. Another difference is that this time, I'm with a group.

Being alone means you get to go on your own pace, to really take in the surrounding and also get to ride the rides a couple of time.
Being with a group means there's someone to ride the rides with you, to fool around with and to see their blur amazed look when you point something out to them with a smug face.

Both times are amazing.

The pictures took on this trip took me a couple of months to finally post it here but since most people who cared about the pictures are in NS, I supposed it doesn't really matter.

So you guys! Click on the pictures to get the original size and save whatever pictures you want.

The Trip

We arrived in batches. Reginald came over in the morning to set out with us while Johnny & Bobby (change your English name please... Maybe I'll just address you guys as Cheng Jun and Wen Jun...) arranged to meet us at HarborFront.

Needlessly to say, we arrived first. Then after a mist of mix-uping, I'm sure I made that word up, we are finally on our way over to WaterFront Station.

Of course we have to take pictures. It's a rule to have to stand against the backdrop of that mist-inducing globe.

I'm the photographer. Not the main one through. The camera was tossed between all of us during this trip.

Point of this picture? The clashing of colors woodpecker. And no, I have no idea who took this.

But this picture symbolize we're in!

Man in grey. Man in grey.

Feeling grey?

One more to go.

Hey. It's an ass-kicking panda!

My brother made a big fuss over this guy.

And he took truckloads of pictures. Not very good ones too.


This one ain't half bad. After that truckload of pictures, he made a statement that he is going to get a picture with this black & white guy if he sees him the 2nd time.

You know what? I don't really think NS is working...

'Speed Limit : 30'. Kay, gotcha.

Want one? Please pay $'Daylight-Robbery'.

Erm... what?

Meaning : I drag them into the 1st ride they're going to take.

'Lights, Camera & Action!'.
I told them they would be surprised and the ride rock.

I don't think anyone believed me when we're lining up.

Yes. This is before I grew a lion on my head.

We went in and yes, they were awed by the ride. I told them they would be amazed. I was right.
(Please refer to previous post for detailed explanation of this ride)

This was a picture I took on my 1st trip over and I wondered what the heck is the hole about.

Well I got my answer.

Well, the theme up ahead is Sci-Fi City... Which means Roller-Coasters!!!
I'm pumped up! I jumped! I laughed!

The guys look like their eyes are popping out when they saw the coasters in action.
I laughed even harder.

Since I kinda forbid my parents to go on these coasters, not that they wanted to anyway, we placed our bags with them and head in, towards the milder red coasters.

I'm already talking about the blue one. No guys seems keen.

NS is really not working.

The guys commented about the coaster we're getting onto. I told them it's only about 30 secs. One long blink and blam! You're back. They are all very very nervous. Their nervousness relaxes me. Evil.

Since it's on a Saturday, the queue it pretty long. Which means my parents would be getting bored and really hot outside waiting for us.

But while waiting, they wondered around and got a few pictures with the mascots running around.

They improved on the costumes.

No, we're still queuing. We get to see a Star Wars like aircraft inside while we're queuing though. It has a funny name but I kinda forgot what it is. We're talking and joking and the guys are all still super nervous.

To think I went alone on this ride the last time. And there're no waiting time. Just blam, you're on the ride. They would really be happy instead.

Meanwhile, my dad found a queen!

No dad! Cleopatra's evil!

See her minions?

Oh my! We finally saw the head of the queue. By this time, they are kinda shouting out our God. Not a good way to express nervousness.

Since there's 5 of us, 1 of us have to be separated out as it's 4 person per row. Our NS boy who have been in the longest volunteered. The rest looked relieved. We took our places and see the ones before us shoot out into the daylight.


Exactly. I reminded them it's only about 30 seconds. Previously they disagree but now they did since the ones that shoot pass us came back in barely a blink. We argued a little about who is sitting in which seat.

It goes like this : Reginald, Wen Jun, Me, Jun Zhe. With Cheng Jun in the first row sitting with a bunch of people. First timer, first row.

I think NS might be working a little...

And off we gooooooooooo----!


I am deadly serious. These guys shouted words that rhythm with 'woooo'. And with them beside me, I managed to actually open my eyes for most of the ride. And before you know it, we're back, feeling really high with adrenaline pumping fast through our veins.

It was fun. I suggested Mr.Blue. Cheng Jun is the 1st one to say 'no thank you'. I'm the one who goes 'come on. For a guy you're afraid to do something I dared to?'. I did that to all of them. All of them do not have the slightest intention of riding that blue beast.

NS, you failed so badly.

They say they valued their lives. Hello, I see no one dropping out of the sky during the ride on the blue beast. Nevertheless, their determination to not go on the blue ride amazed and disappoint me.

Ancient Egypt! Curse of the Mummy!!

Unable to gloat the guys into riding the blue line, I in turn tried a hand in gloating my mum into riding the mummy with all of us.

I succeeded. Even though she is really skeptical throughout the whole way in and kept on saying she wants to drop out. Drop out when you're already walking to your doom? Pigs climb trees before I ever let you do that.

Lineup : Cheng Jun, Wen Jun and Reginald. Dad, Mum, Me and Jun Zhe.

She started screaming before it goes fast on our asses. Plus the fact she hits and grabs when it gets fast on our asses. FUN. My dad got most of it though.

After the ride she says she is never to trust me again. I got her onto the mummy, I'm already satisfied. I'll try the guys again later.

The guys have great reviews for the mummy. They love the backwards fall. They say it was better then the red one. I'm a little mixed on this. I love the backwards fall, but the red line still pawns it for me.

Rapid Adventures!

We wanted to go onto this one but was shocked by the waiting time. 160 / 180 mins. No way. We decided to come back later.

While we're walking around, we came across this treasure perfect for taking pictures.

Oh yeah.

Don't try this at home kids. Uncle's specially trained.

My brother took a shoot at it.

Attempted this only when you're giggly and extremely bald. Oh. And make sure that guy's really dead.

When my dad's doing the 'head in mouth' pose, he caught people's attention and people started to want to get pictures. But it's cool how they patiently waited for us to finish posing before taking their turn.

He actually wanted to do a huge 'I'm actually in Far Far Away!' pose but the hordes of people around made him abandon the idea and go for a small 'Oh, I'm in Far Far Away' instead.

Attention of picture : The Ogre. The sickly slimy shade of green Ogre.

However, it's her that caught Cheng Jun's eye.

He started going gaga over her like how my brother went gaga over the panda.

"Follow her!" He commended. So I did.

They stopped at a tent in a corner of Far Far Away. Really, if it ain't for them, I'll never find this place. It's quite quint actually.

Cheng Jun then proceed to drool over the princess. Fiona, I think.

"It's the princess! The PRINCESS. Fiona. I wanna get a shoot with her. It's a never-to-missed chance! "

Or along the lines of that. But before we file into the line, I forced him to pose with the frog king.

I'll take this frog over any princess Fiona anytime.

After this, he proceeded to line up for a shoot with his Fiona while the rest of the group lined up for Shek 4D adventure. I'm not going into the picture which he then ask me to crop Shrek out when I take his picture.

A few people away, my phone wails.

"(Ai)Yo! Where are you guys?!? We're a;most in liao!! "

I told him to give Fiona up and join the rest of the group. He flat out refused, using the reason that it's FIONA. I could care less about her. But hey, I'm older so I gave in.

"He say he have to take this picture no matter what so please wait!"

"Happy?" "Yes." "I cropped him out for you." "Yes! Good job!"

We head over to the queue for the 4D adventure.

How he managed to cam-whore himself while walking over amazed me.

We join in the queue with the rest of the group.

My brother got a thumbs up from him for this expression. We're still queuing up.

After Shrek, we rush over to catch the WaterWorld show.

I told them about the drenching part and they get a hoot out of watching all those people got drenched by those guys.

So after enjoying the show, Cheng Jun have to get to a appointment. It's a shame, considering USS closes at 9pm today.

We head through Madagascar to reach the exit and caught sight of all the animals holding photo-taking! The lion and hippo had long queues so we head towards the cutest of them all, the penguins.

The pose is a tribute to 3 bald guys still in NS.

So after we drop Cheng Jun off, we head around the bend, over to NY city to get some dinner.

We got distracted.

It that the best you guys can pose?

Much better.

As you can see, the pose is not working so well as we are missing a prop wire-frame globe.

Pretending to hail a taxi. Would fare better he my dad's not looking straight into the camera.

We gave up.

He's supposed to look like he wants the food in that window.

Like he's really hungry.

Like he's salivating.

But it came out like there is something really wrong with his brain. I think the sun got to him without the protection of his hair.

Oh! Look who we spotted walking out of a hotel! I don't want any more siblings!

We then got silly at the hat store.

Really silly. Might have look better if I grew a lion on my head before wearing that hat.

Someone's dieing.

Arrested that impostor!

Yes, that car sits in our backyard. Jealous?

We went into a candy shop. I called his name. He turn. I shoot.

Amazingly candid.

I asked my dad to pretend to be singing. It looks like he's trying to gulp the entire thing.

Still not singing dad.

It's amazing how the fender managed to hold his weight.

We prepared to head out for dinner and it was then panda came out again! Of course, my brother kicked up a big fuss again. He run over to join the already long queue.

It's a good thing he run cause just as he joined the queue, the crew went up behind him, sealing the queue. He's the last one!

Finally got his picture!

They kept on complaining I got the wrong direction. How? I mean, look! The panda is looking directly at me. You guys aren't.

There's a hershey store outside the entrance of USS and we spotted the mascot just as we walked past. Of course we have to slip in for a picture.

Let's play follow-the-pose.

People were staring. We're just being creative then the simple peace sign.

We entered into a picture taking mode.


After dinner at Din Tai Fung, we headed back in and we spotted a quint little road leading into a picturesque area.

Love the stairs.

I do.

Looks like a real street if it ain't so deserted.

Attempting to lift the sign.

In progress....


In the end, he have to ask for help from a person who knows what she's doing. Madam Basiel, , master psychic.

A tiny tiny yacht.

Deserved a mention. I wanted to get onto the blue coaster no matter what, even if I have to ride it on my own. Reginald finally bend around to the idea of riding the blue beast! He feels that he will regret it if he leaves USS without riding that. My man!

The other 2 are still wimping out.

I'm very skeptical about NS...

But we went up and got a blast!! Take that!!

Then, when night falls, we spend about an hour waiting for Rapids Adventure. Let me tell you this, it is so much better when you ride it at night. The feeling's different.

Then we round it off by watch fabulous fireworks. So much better than national day's.

A perfect finish.